Asset Member

D2 Success (D2) is a community of goal oriented members determined to focus on those steps needed to achieve personal success. As a community of supportive members, one can anticipate to build upon the other’s success and leapfrog into personal fulfillment.

The leapfrog approach is not to take the easy route, but to share among members the opportunity to leap over the hurdles that expectantly will stand in our way. Also, as the member’s social media content attracts increasing interest, and thereby the commercial net worth of the community, growing income will be generated from D2 fee-for –service (i.e. Advertising) and sale of D2 merchandise.  It is D2’s commitment to distribute the net profit of D2 ventures to ASSET MEMBERS through the mechanism of a SWEEPSTAKES.

Points for consideration in becoming an Asset Member:

  1. Free Basic Members are registered members that can participate in those D2 services outlined in Terms & Conditions for free basic membership
  2. Active Free Basic Members can advance, without fee, into Asset Membership by being actively involved in contributing to the social media content of D2 and referring five (5) acquaintances that successfully register as Free Basic Members
  3. To receive credit for referrals, the email address of the referring member must be included in the registration form of the prospective member who must activate a D2 account
  4. Five successful referrals (as outlined above) will cause the referring member to advanced as as Asset Member
  5. An Asset Member is eligible to participate in the above noted sweepstakes
  6. For each group of five successful referrals (see above) the Asset Member will be allotted one free Sweepstake token
  7. An Asset Member is commissioned through the above noted process for a two year period, irrespective of the number of successful referrals during that two year period
  8. Renewal of Asset Membership is achieved through the referral of five successful prospective Basic Members. These may be referred within the six months prior to completion of a two year Asset Membership period
  9. Asset member can participate in selecting the number of winning tokens per Sweepstake (D2 Administration will set occasions for such participation)
  10. Asset Member can participate in selecting the frequency of Sweepstakes (D2 Administration will set occasions for such participation)
  11. Asset membership can be purchased in lieu of the above noted referral process (Introductory fee is set at $25 for a two year period and one Sweepstake Token)
  12. Please note that above terms for Asset Membership can be changed/altered without cause by D2 Administration